Using the method

At times musicians may find it difficult to access their creativity, feel imaginative, or connect emotionally to the music they are playing. To aid a musician’s cultivation of musical expression I have developed the Creative Musician practice method.


The method includes 9 ways to practice, 3 practice routines for each art form category in Visual Art, Theatre, or Dance. To start using the method a musician must first identify a passage of music that they desire to be musically expressive, then follow three steps. 

Step 1 – Select an art form category of Visual Art, Theatre, or Dance

Step 2 – Select a practice routine within the art form, ie. Visual Art – Color

Step 3 – Practice using the routine instructions and tool kit

The method includes the following categories and practice routine titles.

Visual Art – A. Color, B. Texture, C. Line Drawing

Theatre – A. Emotions, B. Character/Scene, C. Storyline

Dance – A. Movement, B. Imagine, C. Space        


Any category selection is appropriate for any musical passage and a musician may use the practice method at any point in their learning process. No prior experience in visual art, theatre, or dance is necessary. 


The process of the Creative Musician practice method guides musicians to first immerse themselves in an art form outside of their focus of music, gradually relate the art form to their musical passage through a series of art and musical trials, and lastly asks for a musician to perform with the memory of their art experience. This process offers musicians the opportunity to access their imagination through the vehicle of dance, theatre, or visual art.